IMG_4634Kia Ora Kiwis,

Where to start ? I guess in India where it all started !

We met on one of these miserable stormy nights in India. A chai in a small concrete building (some say with some rats), an unforgettable tuk tuk ride (my left arm still has bruises, thanks to you Hana), an awfuly crazy and unsafe bus ride later, we were in the magical city of Udaipur and the beginning of 3 wonderful and unforgettable weeks !

I’m so pleased I met you over there ! We had such great times. No need to remember lovely Udaipur, the incredible Jodhpur fort, Holy in Jaisalmer with Pulo and our corean friends, Scorpio bite in the desert, the white rat and the garden beer party in Bikaner, Delhi where I finally met Leon (after 3 hours waiting at the airport, thank you). This night, I didn’t get the chance to go to the Imperial hotel to have my luxury drink because we met the only taxi driver who thought that the Imperial hotel was a cinema ! Anyway, after those few days in Delhi, we went to Agra and visited the incredible Taj Mahal, Janhsi, Orccha and the wrong train, and finally Varanasi where I left you to go to Nepal !

5 months and few countries later, here I am in New Zealand ! 10 amazing days in the south island and I couldn’t wait more to see you ! A wonderful (unpredictable) day in Christchurch and Wellington I’m coming… and staying ! It’s been so great to settle somewhere for a while, have a social life ! Impro night with Lauren, Steph’s birthday party, the Rugby game and my Australian number 7 who made me drink a bit too much, our Kiwi fish and chips or cheese and wine parties, our Jigsaw puzzles evenings, Te Papa museum, my Café latte at milk Crate, freebie and netball games, The Dominion Post quizzes, Lucy cat… Waou, I will never forget all that ! The only thing I regret is that I didn’t stay long enough to meet Ryan 🙁 but I’m sure we’ll have many occasions in the future ! It’s written somewhere !

I would like to thank you all, Lauren, Hana and Leon and also Mary and DJ Malcom. The sparkle, Bob Dylan, The Pixies, a glass of wine, a great dinner (the pie with no pastries was great), Sophie watching the dog show and you, it was wonderful. Thank you also to Marilyn and John for your warm welcome ! It’s been great to meet you and spend this lovely family night with you.

In Asia, most of the guest houses qualify themselves as a “home away from home”. All of you, Lauren, Hana, Leon, Mary, Malcom, Marilyn and John, your homes have been my home away from home for the last couple of weeks and I haven’t enough word to say thank you ! Consider my home as yours whenever you come to France !

I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to see Hawke’s bay under the sun but I trust you all when you say it’s beautiful from Te Mata Peak. Anyway, some say I’ve got to come back in April ! The weather will sure be wonderful, it can’t be another way on such a day !

Take all care of yourselves and see you hopefully in april !


I  miss you Kiwis !


Your Frenchie friend !

PS : Yes Hana, I love Sydney but I also love New Zealand ! More (?)

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Marilyn & John mercredi 18 août 2010 - 22:17

Bonjour Adeline, Comment va tu?
It was just great to meet you even though your stay with us was brief. We had a look at your photos on Facebook and your blog – It makes great reading and your photos are stunning. It is great to see a few carefuly chosen and classy photos as opposed to a whole lot that are mediocre.
By now you will be in South America – we hope your travels continue to to go well and that you journey safely.
It would be great to meet again if opportunity allows (in April 2011?)
Go well and enjoy
Marilyn & John


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